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There are four steps to purchase a ReStackor code key:

  1. Download and install the ReStackor demo .

    • Verify the software operates as expected and is compatible with your system.

  2. Get your user key from the demo, instructions are here .

    • You need to enter you User key at PayPal to purchase your companion ReStackor Code key. 

  3. Purchase a code key from the PayPal links below.

  4. Enter your code key into ReStackor, instructions are here (at the bottom of the page).


User license agreement and warranty are at the bottom of this page.

Shim ReStackor       $68 

Compute the stiffness of complex shim stack structures and re-tune your suspension in terms of clicker settings.



ReStackor pro       $83   

Includes all of the features of Shim ReStackor and adds the capability to compute fluid dynamic flow losses through the suspension circuits. This allows ReStackor pro to compute damping force as a function of bump height and suspension velocity.


Upgrade to ReStackor pro       $20

Upgrade your Shim ReStackor code key to ReStackor pro.



Feature Comparison:

Shim ReStackor: Computes the stiffness of shim stacks; valve port flow area limits and references shim stack deflection in terms clicker flow area.

ReStackor pro: Includes all of the features of Shim ReStackor plus the ability to evaluate fluid dynamic flow loss through the suspension circuits. This gives ReStackor pro the capability to directly compute damping force; relate bump height and suspension speed to damping force; compute the effect of valve port flow geometry changes and effects of oil viscosity changes on shock absorber damping performance.


User License Agreement

You can:

  • Purchasing a user licensee permits you to run an unlimited number of cases on a single machine. 

  • Design suspension systems for hire or run cases for your friends. 

  • Publish results of calculations on the net

    • For net publications all we ask is appropriate credit be given to

You can not:

  • You can not install the software on a second machine, give away copies of the code or implement interfaces allowing unlicensed users to run the software.


ReStackor Warranty: 

Welcome to the Bleeding Edge

ReStackor leaps beyond the edge of conventional technology to operate on the freshly cut bleeding edge forging software for applications never thought possible. Here, on the bleeding edge, ReStackor attempts to relate the physiognomic aspects of suspension ride, feel and behavior to the cold harsh numerics of math and physics.

Here on the boundary of math, emotion, suspension feel and physics:

  • There are no guarantees.

    • If this is beyond your comfort zone, back out now.

  • There are no warranties.

    • If this is beyond your comfort zone, back out now.

  • There is no support.

    • If this is beyond your comfort zone, back out now.

  • There is only sweat and hard work.

    • If this is beyond your comfort zone, back out now.

For those willing to cowboy on in the relentless effort to develop suspensions operating beyond the state-of-the-art, Good luck.